Samantha Hoopes Is Hot (30 Pics)

Samantha Hoopes is one of the stand out rookies for this years 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Special. And it’s easy to see why. the 23 year old American has some curves that make a swimsuit look good. Of course we prefer no swimsuit…. just the way God intended, but we will go with clothes if we have to. It’s Satan’s work I tell you. But back to Hoopes, who is a keen volley baller and field hockey player (or was) and is also a Guess model.

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1 samantha-hoopes-is-hot-

2 samantha-hoopes-is-hot-02

3 samantha-hoopes-is-hot-03

4 samantha-hoopes-is-hot-04

5 samantha-hoopes-is-hot-05

6 samantha-hoopes-is-hot-06

7 samantha-hoopes-is-hot-07

8 samantha-hoopes-is-hot-08-bodypaint

9 samantha-hoopes-is-hot-09

10 samantha-hoopes-is-hot-10

11 samantha-hoopes-is-hot-11

12 samantha-hoopes-is-hot-12

13 samantha-hoopes-is-hot-13

14 samantha-hoopes-is-hot-14

15 samantha-hoopes-is-hot-15

16 samantha-hoopes-is-hot-16

17 samantha-hoopes-is-hot-17

18 samantha-hoopes-is-hot-18

19 samantha-hoopes-is-hot-19

20 samantha-hoopes-is-hot-20

21 samantha-hoopes-is-hot-21

22 samantha-hoopes-is-hot-22

23 samantha-hoopes-is-hot-23

24 samantha-hoopes-is-hot-24

25 samantha-hoopes-is-hot-25

26 samantha-hoopes-is-hot-26-bodypaint

27 samantha-hoopes-is-hot-

28 samantha-hoopes-is-hot-28

29 samantha-hoopes-is-hot-29

30 samantha-hoopes-is-hot-30

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