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Halloween Pumpkins Can Be Awesome (42 Pics)

Halloween, our favorite candy day. Apart from the awesome creativity of Halloween costumes, this time of year also provides an array of carved Halloween pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns. Some of them spectacularly clever! They may not rate as highly on the view-age... Read more

GIFs of The Week (Funny)

Check out our GIFs of The Week and let us know what you think! Thanks again for watching the world through our eyes and have a great day! ­... Read more

Meme of The Day (Funny)

Meme of The Day from your friends at theilium.com, and we must say it is a good one! Be sure to comment. ­ Do you have an image or video you would like to submit?  You can submit them here. A little about us; Theilium.com... Read more

Social Media (Follow The Ilium)

Social Media update for theilium.com!!!! Follow us @theilium on twitter, https://www.facebook.com/TheIlium on Facebook, the_ilium on Instagram!! We are working on some great content for SnapChap too. Do you have an image or video you would like to submit?... Read more

Pics Of Animals (Funny)

Who does not love funny pics of animals? Check out these and are other new material at theilium.com and thanks for watching The World through our eyes! Do... Read more

Awesome Resumes (27 Pics)

Awesome Resumes get it done! If you want to get a job you need a resume, or curriculum vitae. The poor recruiter, or hiring manager will be receiving stacks of resumes that all look the same and bore the shit out of him or her. Take a little time and make... Read more

Spider-Man (30 pics)

Spider-Man is easily my favorite comic book character. Smart, funny and kicks ass. Plus, he has some of the coolest costumes and always has the hottest women fighting over him. Lucky devil. Enjoy a bunch the different Spider-Man costumes and variants... Read more

Ice Sculptures Are Cool (38 Pics + 1 Vid)

I am going to bitch-slap the English language for a moment and say again that ice sculptures (or ice carving) is cool! With summer winding down and it is the first day of Autumn, winter is coming! 1[singlepic id=22165 w=600 h=710 float=center] 2[singlepic... Read more

Crashed Sports Cars (29 Pics)

No matter how bad a day you're having, I bet the owners of these cars were having a worse one. Seeing beautiful sports cars and supercars crashed and in pieces pulls at your heartstrings. Such awesomeness reduced to scrap. Someone should start a foundation... Read more

September 11 Remembered (32 Pics)

On this day, September 11, in 2001 terrorists attacked America on its own soil resulting in the deaths of 2996 people. Forget the conspiracy theories, forget the politics and forget personal feelings about America or war or any other unimportant controversy... Read more

The World Is Cool (34 Pics)

Cool scenery makes for a very cool world we live in. 1[singlepic id=21494 w=600 h=710 float=center] 2[singlepic id=21495 w=600 h=710 float=center] 3[singlepic id=21496 w=600 h=710 float=center] 4[singlepic id=21497 w=600 h=710 float=center] 5[singlepic... Read more

The Army Knows Tanks (31 Pics)

If you are going to go to war, tanks!!! Not only does it offer protection from most things, but it carries your pack for you, lets you take extra food and cigarettes, and best of all - no walking! Plus it has a big gun... We like big guns. 1[singlepic... Read more

Changing of Nature (11 Gifs)

Nature Changing looks awesome, especially when things are happening. Normally nature is slow, but we don't like slow. When nature is slow, we just make a GIF and speed it up. If you have any beautiful or changing pics of nature please send them to submit@theilium.com and... Read more

Soldiers Like Parachutes (32 Pics)

Soldiers tend to be ballsy people, which is handy since they have a dangerous job. The soldiers with the big steel balls (or those crazy ladies) like to jump out of planes, sometimes from very very high up. These soldiers really love their parachutes. 1[singlepic... Read more

Random Stuff (26 Pics)

Random Stuff that we may or may not want, ok, we want it. Remember, you can win $10,000 from theilium.com and friends by commenting on ANY post!!                                               A... Read more

Today is Awesome (11 GIFs)

Today it is fun to watch awesome people doing awesome things. Usually dangerous, sometimes tricky. When it comes off they are remembered forever thanks to the internet. When they fail, also remembered, but usually on a grave stone. If you have any awesome... Read more


How would you like to win $10,000 Dollars from theilium.com just by leaving a comment!!! Go to theilium.com and leave a comment on any post, no matter how old, and you are eligible!!! Also, you can like us at https://www.facebook.com/TheIlium and be eligible... Read more

Our World Is An Awesome Place (37 Pics)

Our world is full of awesome places and things. If you have any awesome pics or videos of The World send them to submit@theilium.com and let us know. 1[singlepic id=22559 w=600 h=710 float=center] 2[singlepic id=22560 w=600 h=710 float=center] 3[singlepic... Read more

Pointless Random In Motion (10 GIFs)

Pointless random in motion,as sometimes there isn't a reason for a GIF, other than it captures something interesting. Whether it's a loop or event, pointless random things can be fun to watch.                                                                                                  . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Be... Read more

Racing Helmets Are A Work Of Art (31 Pics)

Formula 1 and Moto GP racers are well known for their skill and their racing helmets, which can have their designs changed as often as they change their helmets - Valentino Rossi, I'm looking at you! Racing helmets can be a great expression of the individual... Read more

Lightning In Motion (11 GIFs)

Lightning is nature's way of saying, 'I am crazy you you little people. I can reach down at random and screw up your day in an instant." Which is kind of awesome. Plus, it's like a natural fireworks show. I love sitting in the tropics watching the storms... Read more

Remember, It’s An Awesome World (28 Pics)

Remember, The world is an awesome place with awesome scenery. Thanks to the internet you don't even have to leave home to see it. thanks internet.                                                                                                                           . 1[singlepic... Read more

Photography Is Awesome In B&W (28 Pics)

Photography is cool. Black and White photography is art... mostly. When you capture something in B&W then you capture the lines, the essence, without the distraction of colour. And that can make for some beautiful photos in the right hands. 1[singlepic... Read more

Random Pictures To Make You Smile (25)

Here are some random pictures to make you smile for no reason at all. Thanks again for checking at theilium.com and remember you can win $10k by commenting on ANY post!  1. Breathe in deeply and look at this perfect fit:  2.... Read more